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Special Events:

Musical Theatre Summer Camp 2018 


Musical: Rocky of the Rainforest


Who: Anyone age 5 & up (not restricted to studio students)


Tuition Info:

Non-refundable registration fee - $50

Camp Tuition - $550


Summer camp time and dates: (3-week camp)

June 25 - July 13

9:00 am -1:00 pm

No rehearsal Wednesday, July 4


Performance Date:

Saturday, July 14 at 7:00 pm 
**A 2nd show will be added if the 1st show sells out**


Synopsis: Film producer Larry Livermore is frantically searching for an unknown actor to play the lead in his next film, Archie of the Amazon. “We need a jungle man,” sings the desperate Larry. When he’s about to throw in the towel, he hears about a man living deep within the Amazon rainforest. With his devoted assistant, Kimberly, and Borneo Joe, a jungle guide, Larry ventures into the bush. He discovers Rocky, a wild man whose best friend is a gorilla named Ingagi! Though many have seen Rocky, such as animal trainer Betty Beatty, ecologist Dorothy Greener, and jungle princess Aquacola and her hostile tribe, none has gotten close to him. Matters are confused more as explorer Osa Byrd appears in the jungle, searching for the illusive Amazon Ghost Moth. She is accompanied by three teenagers who won the exploration trip on a quiz show (this is certainly different from the French Riviera vacation they were expecting!). The tune-filled finale is riveting as Princess Aquacola plans to cook the intruders, creating a zesty brain broth. Will the jungle man swing in to save them? Join us for this laugh-riot! Filled with zany songs and nutty scenes, it’s guaranteed to entertain!



AT 281-558-5133. 



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