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Acting Classes

Suzanne Semans Studio has three levels of acting available for all ages.  There is a Beginning Acting, Intermediate Acting, and Advanced Acting.  Each level focuses on projection of the voice which helps the students with clarification and volume, monologues which help with memorization, and performing two act plays which helps the students perform with others.  We ask that the childen please wear comfortable clothes to move in.  No flip-flops, please.

Beginning Acting (I & II): These classes will be working on speech, learning how to become a character and will perform a short play in the spring.    

Intermediate Acting (III): We are happy to welcome to our studio, Nikki Wuertz!  She will be working with the Intermediate and Advanced Acting Classes for the studio.  The Intermediate Acting Class is for tweens with a focus on musical theater and its three disciplines.  There will be improvisation work and theater games for building confidence and collaboration.  There will be basic work done on how to understand and build a character.  

Advanced Acting (IV):  An acting class for older teens with a focus on musical theater and its three disciplines.  Students will be treated as professionals, but will expected to take the responsibilities that requires.  There will be improvisation work and "Viewpoints" acting exercizes, scene study, monologue work, analyzing a song for a character, audition work and repertoire choices.  

See our schedule for days and times!  

Some images from the Summer 2010 showing of "Godspell"

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